Constant's New Babylon has been realized.  Machine learning has advanced granting the human race freedom from daily toil.  But by achieving ultimate leisure, the value of human productivity has been utterly lost.  Instead of pleasure there is perpetual chaos, stretching as far as the eye can see.  Relaxation turns to uselessness and the human mind slowly begins to be unhinged.  Time is meaningless when your days blend together in an endless wandering.  

A radical group, Opus Sanctus, emerges with a proposal to fix the woes of the society using the only tools they still have available to them.  An amusement park glorifying the epitome of human value - workplace efficiency.  When all is meaningless, the park provides structure.  The people of Earth can find freedom by reliquishing control and submitting to be a cog in the machine.

The situationist's achieved their goal of extending unitary urbanism across not only the planet of Earth but also all habitable planets.  Our group chooses the only "no place" that is truly separated from the endless network - a satellite.  In the Glorious Laborious park, visitors can achieve a sense of meaning and respite from their daily lives by throwing themselves into an endless loop of the pinnacles of human production - the construction site, the textile factory, and the white collar office.
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