Alternative Mappings

Ongoing work in a seminar on alternative mapping processes

To find pleasure you must seek the opposite.  We looked at the relationship between density and stress levels to create an alternative landscape of social spaces in the Harvard Square area.  Two mappings of reciprocal relationships are juxtaposed: one of introverted spaces where high stress is associated with high density and one of extroverted spaces where high stress is associated with low density.  We placed these maps against each other to allow for overlaps that define new positive realms for one group through a reading of uncomfortable spaces of their reciprocal group.

The points of highest and lowest values for each group are then overlaid on the newly created terrain.  While the terrain shows these spaces in relation to one another (therefore areas with extremes of both high and low stress effectively cancel each other out) the points call out specific places in isolation.  The points also begin to show that as a whole the dataset skews towards the introvert, drawing broader conclusions about the group’s generalized utopian desires.
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